Welcome to the home of the Better for Brian Foundation, a for profit organization where all proceeds go to benefit me, Brian. Here the advancement of my art direction skills is made possible by generous contributions from awesome people (we’ll call them “clients”) just like you in exchange for rock-solid, high-end graphic design and illustration services. The results of these humanitarian efforts, all of which were developed by yours truly, can be found in the navigation bar to the left. I couldn’t have done any of this without the loving support of my amazing family and friends, who encourage me each day to be better than I was the day before.

Technically the Foundation started as soon as I was born, as I have been practicing art in some way, shape or form for as long as I can remember. My training and work experience have given me a strong foundation in design and have enabled me to provide high-end, professional and unique art for a wide variety of clients in a wide variety of mediums. I love tackling the challenges that come along with creating high-impact design for virtually any type of marketing or promotional material, whether for print or screen. I have a passion for creating hand-drawn illustrations and perfecting them digitally in Photoshop or Illustrator as vector art. I also have an excellent understanding of color theory and relish any opportunity to ensure a marketing plan is carried through consistently across all forms of media. Simply put, I live to create. This passion, combined with 20 years of experience, has made me a hard-working, visual communicator with the ability to thrive under the pressure of tight deadlines and/or budgets while exceeding client expectations.

Brian Smith

Brian Smith

Digital Mutation Specialist

I'll bet you and I could make some sweet, sweet pixels together. Drop me a line.